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My hands tremble
from this stabbing pain.
It's too much for me to handle,
and just driving me insane.

When did it start?
I can't remember.. .
I need to dismember..
from the pain in my heart.. .

When will it stop
when will I feel relieve?
Can I only grieve?
Is that all I got?

But someone's there,
giving me his hand.
Telling me I'm not to spare..
but I don't understand.. .

Why is my pain needed,
and I'm from happiness seceded?

Who am I to save
when I need saving myself..?


With every kill a piece of my heart dies.
Soon there will be nothing left but anger, hate and emptiness.
Who will save me? Who will hear me? And who forgive?
Am I worthless, because I'm lost?
I need healing, but who's there to heal me?
I need love, but who could love someone like me?
I need to be protected and something to protect.
But what? Who?
I've been givven up, but why?

Haven't you ever made a mistake?

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